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Frequently Asked Questions


How many cars do you sell on auction per day?
How many users do you have on the system?
Do I need to subscribe to TransUnion?

Mobile Application

How do I gain access to the App?
How do I create/remove a user in my dealership?
How do I change a user’s access?
How many users can I add to my subscription?
How often does the app need to be updated?

Auction Disputes

How do I log a dispute?
What happens if either party defaults on a deal?
What do I do if I can’t get a hold of the buyer?
What happens if a buyer reneges on an auction purchase?

Auction Platform

How do I bid on the auction platform?
How do I move a vehicle to Auction?
How do I remove a vehicle from Auction?
How do I relist vehicles on Auction?
How can a buyer start selling on DealersOnline?
How do I edit vehicles that have already been listed for auction?
How do I delete a “guesstimate”?
How do I delete a valuation?
How do I choose who sees my valuations?

Data Security

Is my information safe on the DOL platform?
I’ve sent all my FICA documents through with registration, why do they need more information?
Why is it taking so long to be FICA approved?

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