Dealership Intelligence

We utilise our technology, marketplaces, and service offering to establish, maintain, and support digital-first channels; providing digital infrastructure for our clients to drive efficiencies in the flow of vehicles throughout each asset’s life cycle.

Dealerships rely on lagging indicators to inform their strategic decision-making. The issue is that KPIs like revenue, units, margin, and profitability (while important) are not helpful in guiding the allocation of the resources and efforts that go into the dealership's daily activities.

Your Outcome

Disconnected Systems
Result in Disconnected

The quicker you’re able to move the metal off your balance sheet, the lower the holding and depreciation expenses, and the greater potential for profit.

Your Business Challenge

Move The
Metal... Fast

Dealerships are ultimately measured against their ability to move the metal (stock). It’s a high-risk game because the depreciation clock starts ticking the minute the vehicle hits your balance sheet. Your dealership is in a race to either retail the vehicle to an end-user or to wholesale the vehicle to the trade through auction or direct sale.

Disconnected Systems
Mean That...

You can’t see the full picture without gathering together pieces of information stored in different systems.

You have to pull reports from multiple platforms in order for you to collate them into one.

You lack the trust in the information you get, and waste time double checking if it’s correct and up-to-date.

Manual Business Processes
Mean That...

Your team performs activities inside of a manual workflow that needs to be documented on paper.

You manually collect, collate, process and store the data.

You regularly have to manually merge data from different systems.

Our Framework

Hover over the numbers.


Best-practice baked into digital processes.


Owned and managed digital platforms.


Data-driven business enablement.

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