We’ve digitised and integrated inspection, pricing, valuation, and auction workflows in our Digital Trade Management module.

Your Challenge

Right Stock, Right
Time, Right Price

With the competition in the automotive trade ever increasing, the pressures within the dealership environment have grown drastically. The used car departments have become more important to dealerships, and this success hinges on one component - stock. We understand the importance of sourcing and procuring the right stock, at the right time and for the right price for your dealerships.

What can I offer? What will the market pay? Who will buy the vehicle if I can't retail it? How can I maximise? These are all vital questions that need informed answers daily.

You've got to maximise the vehicle's disposal value while minimising the time the asset sits on your balance sheet.

Our Trade Solution

Vehicle AV

Valuation Intelligence

Every valuation begins with an inspection. Our mobile application guides the user through a stepped digital process. The uniform and standardised condition reports mean that you capture every detail irrespective of who's performing the inspection.

Pricing Intelligence

We've built up a rich picture through real-world transactional and behavioural data from our platforms. Further, we combine various other sources, including retail listings, finance data, and trade/retail data for unmatched pricing intelligence and market insight.

Auction Intelligence

Easily convert your vehicle valuation to an auction listing with the click of a button. Set a reserve and then with daily timed auctions, sell to the highest bidder through our online auction marketplace. Get more eyes on your assets and maximise.

Get the trade-in stock you want and quickly dispose of the vehicles that don't meet your retail stock-profile.

Inspection & Valuation Tool

Seamlessly Procure &
Dispose of Vehicles

Over the last 12 years, DealersOnline has continuously evolved its innovative online auction and valuation system - now referred to as VehicleAV.

Our solution digitises and connects the inspection, pricing, valuation and auction workflows of your dealerships' disposal and procurement processes. The enhanced visibility into your trade activity gives you tighter control over your inventory and pricing.

Why VehicleAv

Free up Cash And Move More Metal - Faster

Drill Down Into The Data

Digital processes mean you can look at everything from the closing rate on trades to the top sellers for any prior period.

Make Smarter Decisions

Use data to decide whether to retail or wholesale the trade-in and how to price the vehicle.

Improve Trade Performance

Our reporting helps to quickly and accurately assess your trade-in performance and gives you the insight you need to improve.

Auction Platform

Gain Access to The
DealersOnline Marketplace

We currently sell 5500 vehicles per month through 53 versions of our platform, and achieve significantly higher returns for our clients. We've continuously improved through constant testing in real market conditions.

Our technology is robust and has reliably served the automotive trade for the past 12 years. We are the platform of choice for global brands, tier one banks and corporates like Toyota, Nissan, Ford, Jaguar Land Rover, Al Sayer Group, Al Mulla Automobiles across 3 continents.  

How it Works


The DealersOnline mobile application takes the inspector through all steps in the process to complete a full inspection of the vehicle; providing the valuator with all necessary information to make a pricing decision.


Transparency creates fair value. A comprehensive inspection report - coupled with past sales data and pricing variants based on trade, retail and current auction prices - allows the valuator to place an accurate price on the trade-in vehicle.


More eyes on your assets increases the probability of achieving a higher selling price on vehicles and reduces the time taken to clear vehicles that don’t fit your retail profile. Open your trade-in vehicles up to countless traders across multiple geographies.

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