Digital and connected workflows for stock-takes, fuel and fine management, test drives and vehicle loans - all integrated into your DMS for a real-time view into your stock movement, age and condition.

Your Challenge

Disconnected &
Siloed Systems

Dealerships often find themselves manually pulling data from various systems and then having to compile that data in spreadsheets for analysis. The findings are then packaged into a report and distributed for use in management and executive meetings.

The disconnected and manual processes performed within siloed systems means that dealerships rarely have real-time insights into their vehicles' locations, movements and age. The time spent reconciling, analysing and reporting creates a costly lag in the decision making cycle.

Dealerships can't afford to use last week's news to make today's decisions.

Our Trade Solution

Vehicle TAG

Stock Management Intelligence

Live visibility into your stock holding to ensure that your dealership is operating at its optimum levels.

VehicleTAG is a comprehensive dealership intelligence solution, providing dealerships with a bird's eye view into the current status of their stock holding. Monitoring all aspects of operations from stock age to value, you have real-time visibility into your operations.

Vehicle Loan Intelligence

The loan of a vehicle, whether it be for a test drive, demo or as a courtesy car, increases a dealership’s risk profile.

VehicleTAG digitises vehicle loan forms through a mobile application and dashboard. A guided, stepped process enforces policy and compliance while standardising the request, check-in and check-out workflows.  It also automatically verifies the driver’s licence in realtime.

Ancillary Management Intelligence

There are many ancillary activities associated with the management of stock that often go unaccounted.

VehicleTAG enables dealers to centralise the management of fuel distributions, fines, and keys and documents. Our solution digitises ancillary activities to mitigate risk and minimise time wasted investigating fines, locating keys and looking for documents.

Stockflow Management System

Get The Real-time
View Into Your Stock

Fleet operators, car dealerships and vehicle financing businesses are often juggling multiple spreadsheets trying to keep up to date and minimise the risk associated with holding stock.

VehicleTag seamlessly integrates into existing stock management and tracking systems to provide live visibility into stock age, location and movements. Empowering greater insight and better decision making.

Why VehicleTAG

Zoom In On Your Stock And Get One Source Of The Truth

Validate Your Numbers

With real-time relevant vehicle valuations, you can validate your pricing across the full stock cycle.

Drive Group Performance

Methodically target ageing stock and maximise profitability within and across dealerships.

Standardise Workflows

Manage your stock at the group level by establishing a common workflow for stock management.

Equip your leadership team with end-to-end visibility over your entire operational processes.

How it Works


For your dealership to consistently procure the right vehicles you need to know what you have before knowing what you really need. You can track all your stock through our mobile application and pull reports of stock movement, location and age. This allows you to accurately determine what stock you need and when; optimising your procurement decision making capabilities.


Increased visibility into your dealership’s day-to-day operations optimises your stock management by increasing accountability, which saves time and minimises risk. Our Stock Dashboard provides a detailed account of all stock in your dealership - live locations and up-to-date information of all vehicles, loans, keys and documents allowing you to manage your assets more effectively.


A detailed account of vehicle costs and pricing enables you to quickly identify trends in disposal processes within your dealership. Our software provides critical information relating to vehicle pricing throughout its lifetime in your dealership. Further, our technology will alert you when assets are ready for auction and optimise your disposal processes.

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